About Leslie | Owner & Artist


 About me… My name is Leslie and if you would   have told me back in 1990-something I would   spend the next half of my life creating art on   wine glasses, I would have laughed.

 FAST forward twenty years, I am doing just that.   Loving what I do and feeling tremendously   blessed for the career I now have. 

 Back in 1997, I started playing around painting   glasses for family and friends, I would paint my   girlfriends likeness on wine glasses for our “Girls  Night” get togethers.  Eventually, I   starting selling my glassware at art festivals and   craft fairs, which soon allowed me to leave my   full time job as a Marketing Rep for a Title   Insurance Company. 

For many years I focused my attention on relationships with retail stores that sold my glassware across the county with a few stores here and there outside the states,  Japan, Australia and Europe (which, technically makes me International!) 

Today you can find my hand painted glassware in downtown & uptown boutiques, cute cottage shops, specialty stores as well as wineries AND you may again find me selling my functional glassware at art festivals around the Northwest … I guess you could say I’ve come full circle. 

I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. It touches my heart to hear how my art work can become something treasured and sentimental. 

I’ve recently begun doing “Paint Nights” and I LOVE it!  I host them in my studio as well as travel to other locations.

I live in Portland Oregon with my adventuresome & handsome husband, I am a lucky lady indeed to to have found a partner that loves the outdoors and traveling as much as I do!  We co-parent Gino, a spoiled Yorkshire terrier that holds my heart in his furry little paws.  Gino and I spend most weekdays at my studio and weekends traveling around making new friends.

I am Thankful everyday for the people in my life that keep this dream moving forward and for all those I’ve yet to meet.  Thank you for being part of the Leslie Hand Painted Glass team, once you make that first purchase you become a member & supporter of love, fun, happiness, magical unicorns in a bright rainbow colored world!

Enjoy Life and the simple pleasure of drinking from a  beautiful painted glass.

Cheers to you!